About me

Hi! Let me introduce myself!

My name is Elisabetta Cataldi

I’m an Electrical Engineer with a master’s degree in Automation with a PhD in Automation and Control. I am a freelancer developer for many purposes like software and applications, web apps and mobile apps, and, I have experience controlling Arduino and Raspberry. I’m also an expert user of Matlab and Simulink software, AutoCAD, animation, and video editing in Blender.

Besides my freelancer career over the last years, I worked as a researcher press at the University of Cassino, Italy; in particular, I worked in the robotics field, at the control level of aerial or underwater robotics system arm equipped, in the planning, kinematic and dynamic control. During my university studies, I worked on a project on the green power supply and in a company that produces a smart grid for the Italian electrical line.

I have a coworker team; freelancers help me with manufacturing, programming, and graphics software development.

If you are interested here, here is my CV!

If you want to mail me, don’t hesitate, or WhatsApp!

Elisabetta Cataldi

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